Dog Boarding

Most pet owners consider their pets like family, especially our canine friends; so do we! When our pets simply cannot join us on vacation, a work trip or extended travel, we all want our pets to be cared for in a loving, safe and fun setting. Perhaps your dog is staying with us after they undergo a surgical procedure or just coming in to experience our full line of pet grooming. If you are new to boarding your dog either because of travel, a surgical procedure or simply considering a new home-away-from-home, Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square in Kansas City is ready to meet your dog’s needs now!

Why Board Your Dog With Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square

What makes our Kansas City dog boarding and pet boarding experience different than the others? Our caring staff includes Kansas City veterinarians that work tirelessly to be sure your dog is healthy and happy during their stay. We understand that an animal’s boarding experience is 100 percent dependent on the environment in which they interact. Our experienced veterinarian, Dr. Amy Roberts and our responsible dedicated staff closely observes and interacts with our canine guests as they interact with one another to be sure their stay is a pleasant and healthy one.

Our premier, multi-faceted dog boarding experience will make both you and your pet rest easy. Exceptionally convenient for pet owners, dogs can receive annual examinations, vaccinations, dental procedures, grooming, nail and hair clipping and cleanings during their stay. The grooming services we offer even include the option for medicinal baths designed for your pet’s skin care and coat needs. Our talented dog loving groomer, Tamara Culp is ready to primp and groom your pet. We even encourage dog owners to board their pets for a simple seasonal trim.

If your pet is specifically staying with us due to a surgical procedure, boarding under the supervision of Dr. Roberts is ideal for your pet’s rest and recovery experience. In fact, it may be in your dog’s best interest to board with us so that we can monitor recovery such as wound healing, dressing changes, eating patterns, physical therapy and pain management. Dr. Roberts will carefully make sure your dog is responding optimally following their procedure. We also know that some pets require specialized dietary considerations which we are happy to accommodate during their stay with us.

Are you looking for a clean, safe and fun pet retreat while you are away from home? Remember, trusted Kansas City veterinarians treat your pet like family when they stay in our Kansas City dog boarding and pet boarding location. If you are ready to travel or to send your pet off on a weekend of grooming or routine wellness checkups and looking for a loving and safe environment for your pet, Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square in Kansas City is ready to meet your pet for a stay soon!

Cat Boarding

Is it time to board your beloved feline friend? Have you been called out of town on a last minute trip or are you new to boarding your pet? We offer hands-on animal boarding in a fun, safe and loving environment you can feel confident about trusting. Whether you are traveling for a vacation, a work trip or your cat requires a surgical procedure, Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square in Kansas City is your Kansas City cat boarding full-service source. Your cat will receive a premier experience unrivaled by other Kansas City veterinarians.

The Full-Service Amenities Your Cat Will Enjoy While Boarding At Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square

Our experienced team offers full-service, holistic and preventive pet care for both health and wellness such as acupuncture and chiropractic. What makes our boarding experience special is the direct interaction your cat will receive with Dr. Amy Roberts and our responsible and dedicated staff. This is a huge advantage, to have our Kansas City veterinarians able to change wound dressings, help with routine medications they may have, to make sure healing is taking place properly.

During your pet’s visit, we can perform their routine check-up examinations, provide vaccinations, schedule dental cleanings and review their dietary needs. We are also happy to accommodate any special dietary considerations your cat may require. We offer a full-line of grain free and preservative free cat food selections.

You may simply want to spoil your cat by boarding them with us for a cosmetic appointment with our animal grooming specialist, Tamara Culp at Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square. Our team agrees that not only is grooming nice for aesthetic appeal, but is also part of a healthy animal’s lifestyle. When you board your cat, we can offer special grooming services such as medicinal baths, styling, fur trimming, nail clipping all while closely examining sensitive areas such as ears and paws where dirt, ticks and fleas can be hiding. We are also experienced in techniques that may be difficult for you to perform at home for your cat such as anal gland expression.

Our pet-loving team at Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square looks forward to providing a dynamic, one-of-a-kind Kansas City cat boarding experience for your feline today. We look forward to meeting your pet at a stay soon!

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