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Dog Grooming

A clean, well-groomed pet is a healthy pet and Kansas City dog grooming at our clinic ensures that your pet is clean and parasite-free. At Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square we offer a variety of professional grooming services for Kansas City North dogs and cats. Regular dog grooming, both professional and at-home, is an important part of pet care.

At Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square, we have a skilled, experienced pet grooming professional on hand to make the experience comfortable for your dog. Tamara Culp’s caring approach soothes and reassures her patients while sacrificing nothing in the way of quality and attention to detail. We use gentle shampoos that cleanse the hair and skin — removing oils that provide food for bacteria, which in turn can infect the skin and cause irritations. If necessary, the application of the medicated products also removes fleas, mites and other pests that can contribute to a dog’s discomfort.

If necessary, during the bathing and trimming process Dr. Amy Roberts can evaluate your dog’s skin for hot spots, tumors, or other kinds of skin problems that might call for additional treatment. A combination of careful brushing and clipping gets rid of unsightly mats and knots in your dog’s coat. At this point we can complete a simple trim, or we can perform a breed specific haircut if you wish. In the warmer months you can help your pet stay cool by having our facility give him a fashionable shave.

The skin is not the only part of your dog we check during a pet grooming session. We also quickly examine his eyes and ears for any signs of infection or injury, and can consult Dr. Amy Roberts if required. Toenail trimming is another important part of dog grooming. Our Kansas City North pets, especially those who spend their whole lives indoors, do not wear their nails down as they would in the wild, and before long the nails will simply overgrow. Overgrown nails can damage flooring, get caught in carpeting and even rip away from the cuticle, a painful situation that also invites bacterial infections. Last but not least, we are able to check your dog’s anal glands. These scent glands normally express their fluids with no problem, but impacted glands can cause discomfort and host infections. We can express your dog’s anal glands as an additional service during a grooming session.

Kansas City North Dog Grooming For Healthy Dogs
Dog grooming beautifies your dog even as it performs all the health benefits mentioned above. We offer several different hairstyles in our pet grooming sessions, so call ahead to hear about the different looks you can give your pet. See the difference that our Kansas City North dog grooming makes!

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Cat Grooming

Any veterinarian will tell you that pet grooming plays a major role in helping you maintain your cat’s health. You may think that you cat already has an obsession with hygiene, judging from the way he constantly cleanses himself — but that doesn’t mean that he is as clean as he Kansas City North cat grooming services provided by animal clinic could or should be. Even an outwardly clean cat may have underlying health issues that reveal themselves under the watchful eye of a professional groomer. Shaggy, matted hair and overgrown nails also need tending, and not every pet owner knows how or has time to cope with these issues on a regular basis. Fortunately, here at Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square in Kansas City North, we offer a full range of cat grooming services alongside our boarding and other veterinary services.

What goes into a professional cat grooming session? First, we will introduce you and your cat to our groomer in residence, Tamara Culp. The grooming session then starts off with a nice brushing that massages the skin and removes excess hair without causing any discomfort. We check for fleas and ticks and observe the skin for signs of irritation. We also clean around the eyes and ears, looking for any possible problems such as ear mites. We then give your cat a soothing bath and dry him off gently and thoroughly.

Does your cat need a haircut? If a particularly thick coat causes him to suffer from painful mats or summertime heat, then a fashionable cut or shave may be in order. You can decide what type of cut you would like your cat to have, based on our suggestions for optimal comfort and wellness. Whatever fashion you select, we know how to make your cat look terrific.

Nail trimming can make a big difference not only in your cat’s health but in the state of your Kansas City North home as well. In the wild, a cat’s nails would wear down naturally with use; in the comfort of your living room, however, they continue to grow longer and sharper. Overly-long nails will scratch up your wood surfaces and catch on fabrics, causing them to tear painfully and giving bacteria an entry point for infection. Trimming requires skill and expertise to avoid hurting your cat, so leave the nail trimming to June!

We Make Cat Grooming Easy
Contact Animal Clinic of Boardwalk Square and set up an appointment at our Kansas City North office. You and your cat will both appreciate the relaxing, cat-friendly environment and the quality of attention and care we lavish on each and every one of our furry customers. During your visit, you might even want to discuss other important aspects of wellness care such as spay or neuter surgery, diet and nutritional practices, dental care or your cat’s vaccination schedule. We will be happy to keep your cat looking, smelling and feeling his best!

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